5 top ways to gaining Likes on Facebook

24 March 2016 0 comments

Facebook is undoubtedly the Giant of all social networking sites, and like a virtual world, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! One of the key measures of Facebook success is the number of likes you get on your page, photos, posts and status updates. But these likes can be elusive – so reeling them in requires some strategizing. Whether you’re just trying to get more likes on your personal statuses, or attempting to promote your business online, this guideline will help you to successfully navigate the finicky world of Facebook likes.

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1. A branded like: You can get huge likes if you are a celebrity because every celebrity have huge fan following and whatever they post they like it and comment on it. Celebs post their upcoming movies information’s, photos, videos or some social views and their fans giving review on them and likes them. Likewise Apple loving peoples are always seek Apple related news and updates about products and company. When Apple post update news peoples like the post.
Now, the conclusion is if you are famous like celebs or a reputed and well known as a big or giant brand then you receive huge likes every post you share.

2. Funny or entertaining post: This method is popular one among peoples you have to share funny and entertaining post. Peoples are on Facebook not always seeking updates and news from their community or social world, sometime they sign-in to seeking humor to light-up them form daily heavy work pressures. So you have to use this opportunity and give them what they want. Post some funny cartoons or some hilarious jokes or some entertaining videos like vines or something musical or drama etc. but making or searching fresh videos daily or creating jokes regularly is impossible for any human being no matter how creative is he/she, it’s impossible because we are human being and we have limits.

3. Helpful or educational post: People love to read and see guidelines or to do tips. This is a valuable method that people prefer. For success you have to post something helpful, educational and informative. Nowadays peoples are busy in there hefty schedule nobody have the time to do research on their other essential needs so you can provide it to them. Like, some people doing fishkeeping but they don’t have the time to take care of it properly. So you can post some valuable advice about this topic like, how to maintain clear water without changing much of it? How to keep fishes healthy without sending more money and time, How to make a good filter using house hold products when you do not have time to buy it from shop etc. or some educational and informative like: health problems and their homemade remedies. These types of posts peoples prefer most because of their busy schedule but we are human beings and our knowledge is limited. It is quite impossible for a single person to know everything, have command of each and every subject.

4. Share your page or post inside or outside of Facebook to get likes:
Share Facebook Page or Post outside the Facebook make more likes for you. Friend with you on Facebook give likes for your post but if you share it outside the Facebook you getting more likes from friend who are no on Facebook with you or do not use Facebook as social media. Share your page or post outside is a good idea because your other friends and families can see your contents which you post outside but there is a problem to share it outside. Facebook does not allow to share pages outside the Facebook if you still want to do it for getting likes then you have to do some coding. Facebook does not provide any code for the post or page you want to share outside the Facebook you have to do it by yourself if you know coding content very well and if you do not like to play with codes then there is another option for you. You can hire Facebook as your advertising media so Facebook make an advertising campaign for your page only and show it on Facebook at top most priority level if your bid is higher enough then others. So you can assume by yourself that how much pricey the hiring cost to hire Social Media Giant.

Now you can clearly understand how to gain more likes for your Facebook Post and Page and also learn the drawback of these conventional methods that how costly and time consuming they are. So what will you do? Puzzled! How to get much likes for your page and posts? How to advertise your page on Facebook without bursting your budget?
Well, there is a way. Here we present you the most valuable point you seek.

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