9 Tips to increase followers on Facebook

12 September 2020 0 comments

Buying Facebook Fans

There is no magic to bring “tons” of fans to your Facebook page or profile. If you’ve just start using Facebook for business, then you have to buy Facebook followers or buy Facebook Page likes or buy Facebook  photo likes services initially for a solid online presence. The web strategists agree that the quality of your web community measured by the quality of the interaction you make with them. There are still some little things you can do to at least direct the potential Facebook Fans. In this article, we share 10 tips to add more fans to your Facebook. Feel free to share those I forgot in a comment!

  1. Share relevant content – If you want the 8 tips below to bring results to your Facebook, be sure to share relevant content on your page or timeline that will interest your future Fans. A Facebook page is not a website. Facebook and Facebook do not want to read your mission or see a range of your products or services. They want you to make them want to do something: read a recent article, see interesting photos, watch a relevant video, participate in an enticing contest, respond to a survey, leave a comment, etc. and they want you to interact with Responding to their comments, publications and questions.
  2. Add Facebook Like Box to your website – If you manage a Facebook Page, Facebook offers you different options to promote your Page. To add a Facebook Like Box to your WordPress site, follow these steps: Go to the Facebook Plug-in, Adjust the box to your liking, Click on Get Code, Follow the procedure… Note: Since June 23, 2015, we have to follow the new procedure to post a box on our website.
  3. Add Like Button to your website – Do you have the Like Button on your site? If not, please add as soon as possible…If you have the “Like” button on your site and someone clicks “I like” on one of your articles or pages, a post will appear on that person’s Facebook. This link will spread in the newswire of the friends of this Facebook user. It can bring you traffic to your site that will convert to I like if you have the Facebook like Box on your site.
  4. Add a link to your Facebook page in the signature of your emails – How many emails do you send per week? Why not add in your signature a link to your Facebook page that people can click? Here, I take this opportunity to tell you that the nice little signature images you have in your emails are OUT! How do I copy my phone number in my Skype? How would you like me to visit your website? How do you want me to add your contact information to my address book if you have only one image to offer me? Please replace your beautiful small signature images with TEXT! Thank you. Along the same line, add your Facebook page link to your business card.
  5. Invite your friends – There is no tool in Facebook that allows you to send an email or a private message to all your friends so that they become followers of your Page. You can still send private messages to friends with text like “Visit my Facebook page and become a fan – https://facebook.com/FBpage ” but personally I will not use this option since this option will So if someone answers your message, it will respond to all friends who have received the message. It clogs the mail boxes in Facebook and no one likes it. If you want to invite your friends to like your Page, I recommend using the Invite friends tool. To do so, go to your Facebook page as yourself (not as Page) and click Invite Friends in the right column… Your friend will receive a notification of this invitation and will be able to easily accept or reject it!
  6. Link your LinkedIn account to your Facebook page – In LinkedIn, we can add links from our website and social networks. Enjoy and add a link to your Facebook page.
  7. Buy Facebook Fans – I get a lot of feedback on Facebook marketing – 70% positive and 30% negative. I’m doing it now and if you have any stories to tell about Facebook marketing, please share them in a comment. Facebook marketing is more successful, if you have thousands of fans… So it would be great, if you buy Facebook likes, buy Facebook followers, etc…
  8. Comment on other Facebook Pages as Page – If you are a Restaurant and you have a Facebook page, go to the Facebook page of your suppliers, collaborators, and partners and leave a message as Page. If you have received a new product you like, go to the supplier’s Facebook page and post a photo of a recipe made with this product saying “Thank you!” …
  9. Thank your followers – If you show that you appreciate your followers, other followers will want to join you.

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