Are Cheap Facebook Followers Worth the Investment?

20 July 2023 0 comments

If utilized right, social media can be a boon to any business striving to reach more people. It can also help them generate more revenue. By growing your Facebook page, your brand can become a household name and get a social credit boost. The trick is simple, have a lot of followers on your page, and Facebook’s algorithm will ensure that your posts appear in more individual news feeds.

While it takes considerable time to increase your follower count organically, some people wish for a quick head start. Such businesses buy Facebook followers in exchange for money. While buying Facebook followers is becoming increasingly common, the question remains: is it worth the investment? Below, we will see whether you should buy cheap Facebook followers or not.

Should you buy Facebook followers?

Should you buy Facebook followers?

First of all, Facebook does not approve of buying fake followers to grow your page. This is evident in the case when Facebook banned a company from its services for selling fake likes. Moreover, the company had to pay a fine of 500,000 USD.

For your info, Facebook is not hesitant to deal with anything affecting user security without any mercy. Hence, you might find yourself on the receiving end of Facebook’s wrath, if it somehow detects that your followers are not genuine. The platform is always improving in detecting fraud and spam. Therefore, there is a high chance of Facebook suspending, or worse, banning your account for not following its guidelines.

Despite these risks, many businesses out there reach out to companies selling fake followers. It is because even with the potential risks, buying Facebook followers comes with some cool benefits:

  • Having a large number of followers on your Facebook page enhances your reliability and acts as a social credit booster.
  • Facebook’s algorithm is known for prioritizing those pages that have lots of followers, making posts on that page appear in more people’s news feeds. This increased reach can help your page gain more organic followers in the long run.
  • Building an organic following demands time, persistence, and consistent efforts. On the contrary, buying Facebook followers is beneficial in giving pages a quick boost in follower count, something that is impossible if you are building your following from scratch.

As is clear from the above points, purchasing Facebook followers has many advantages. Nevertheless, if done incorrectly, such fake followers can damage your brand to an unimaginable extent. Here is how:

  • The purchased following are incapable of bringing engagement to your page. They cannot boost your Edgerank. If your Edgerank is not satisfactory, Facebook will stop prioritizing your content.
  • Most of the fake followers are either spam accounts or bots. Therefore, you cannot use their overall profile data to set your target audience.
  • If your page has a huge paid following yet your page likes and comments don’t reflect that, people are eventually going to notice that. And once they smell something fishy, you lose all your reliability in their eyes. This destroys your brand image and integrity.


To conclude, buying Facebook followers gives you some handy benefits. Ourfollowers is the finest option to opt for if you want high-quality, authentic Facebook followers to elevate your social media game. But it won’t be a wise move to rely on it completely. Instead, you have to be patient and do your best to gradually build an organic following too. If you strive for long-term success, there is simply no other alternative.

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