Benefits of Facebook Marketing

14 September 2020 0 comments


Benefits of Facebook Marketing – Add more customers to your business with Facebook

Facebook Fans

It is true that for a while the Facebook boom was certainly absorbed by other social networks like Twitter or Instagram, and above all, since the latter have become the most used by the youngest, but from Ourfollower we would like to emphasize that it follows being one of the services most requested without penalties. Here are some of the reasons why Facebook and its fan pages remains a fundamental pillar not only for brands or companies, but for anyone who wants to have a reputation on the net.

Facebook Fan Page and profile: Having a Facebook page dedicated to some theme or service, allows us to have a URL type,, this is an incredible branding and positioning tool. According to our experience the fan pages are indexed very fast by the Google crawler, what does this mean? If someone does a Google search for Buy Facebook Followers or buy Facebook page likes (this case is more difficult because of the high competitiveness of these two keywords), we will find that our Facebook page or business profile positions great in the search engines.

Note: When you create a Facebook page we assign a random URL, once you have obtained a certain amount of “likes” you can change it and thus make branding with our fanpage. You can increase your fan base with our quality services to buy Facebook photo likes, buy FB page likes, etc…

Benefits of Facebook Marketing: The advertising tool of Facebook is nowadays one of the most used and with more potential. Facebook exceeds one billion users, this means that millions of people can see you advertising through your profile or Fan page, and not only that, the degree of segmentation it offers is practically insurmountable, we can reach people who are potentially interested In what we are offering.

Many of our customers, ask us the best way to make publications on Facebook, from Ourfollower, we always indicate the same guidelines:

  • Do not abuse hash tags, even do not use them, there is something difference in this social network, as if it can happen on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Include a number of suitable characters, over 140 Twitter; around 300 characters can be fine as long depending on what you want to say.
  • Include the URL of the link you want without shortening, that is, it is complete, For Example:
  • Always include a picture or any other call to action, as can a video. The size of the image must be optimized.

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