Buying Social Media Followers – The New Form Of Communication

21 October 2020 0 comments

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Social networks have come to stay and everything they have put on the table in the field of communication makes it possible to affirm that we are immersed in the era of social networks as far as communication is concerned.

The presence of social networks is total as far as communication is concerned, we have all been able to see how in a few years all these new tools are already part of our day to day, not only in terms of using the tools themselves, But they are also part of our vocabulary and we use these tools on a daily basis. If we carefully analyze the use we make of these new tools, we will see how we access more than once a day to this type of platforms through different devices such as our personal computer desktop or laptop, Our mobile phone or Smartphone and we even consume information from these platforms through other mass media such as radio or television looking at these platforms valid information sources to expand their contents.

If we look back quickly we realize that the communicative reality of the last 50 years has been dominated mainly by three mass media, television, radio and the press. These media have dominated the communicative scene in recent years and have marked their own rhythms, structure and background. Designed as tools of unidirectional communication, they have managed to have an immense popularity but without getting to participate of the conversation that can be given in all communication to the readers, Spectators or listeners, at least within the usual channels that this type of media use for their own diffusion.

The control of these tools of communication rests on large multinational companies in the majority of cases that agglutinate the bulk of channels that have a really relevant weight in what reaches the population is concerned, and are usually marked by interests that go beyond of the scope of the communication company in question and spread by areas such as politics.

And with this panorama dominated by this type of media, We have to wait to enter the year 2000 to begin to see how a new communication tool called the Internet tries to break through the communication platforms used by people to develop different communicative activities. The Internet quickly becomes one of the tools most used for the versatility that it offers and for putting on the table a series of characteristics that did not happen in any other means. For the first time users have the possibility to access a medium of communication through which they can consume the information they want instantly, Simply with a search they can access different options as far as information is concerned, being able to avoid or be able to choose the information bias that they like according to their religious or ideological political affinity and this means a real revolution.

Within this authentic revolution in communication is where social networks are born, tools that come to try to perfect and refine the tools that the Internet provides to humans to communicate. They appear as bidirectional communication tools that allow us to access a multitude of information that we can filter to consume as we want, that allow us to approach people who are thousands of miles away and not only that, but allow us to develop any field of our life, We can establish personal communications perfectly, jump to start a professional meeting through video conference and also later to make a purchase in an electronic commerce to have list in our house in a few days the weekly purchase of food.

This reality is what we are living today, a reality that certainly represents the future that perhaps some imagined in the 80’s of the past century and that we live today thanks to an unprecedented technological development that increasingly brings us closer To concepts such as artificial intelligence, intelligent robots, drones for the transport of goods, and hundreds of developments that allow us to also affirm that we are living in an eminently technological era, So much so that technology companies listed on the stock market are among the most valued, even beyond companies that exploit matters such as oil. This allows us to have a clear idea of ​​what our future will be like.

In the past century we saw how the obsession of the human being passed by leaving behind an industrial revolution that allowed to generate a great middle class that lived of dignified form and had certain labor stability. Nowadays that we live strong crises we see how in a certain way this has not been achieved at all, But despite this it seems that the human being turns the page and is moving today or we are living a technological revolution in which what the human being seeks is to be permanently connected with each other through technology and also look at The technology tools to facilitate our life making it as comfortable and efficient as possible in all areas, not only the personal but also the personal.

The future will undoubtedly be for those who understand that this reality has arrived to stay and that technology will be our great ally, the catalyst for all those innovations that will come and that will allow us to enjoy a better world.

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