How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story? Here is 2 Useful Methods

01 July 2024 0 comments

Having seen exquisitely designed Instagram Stories, you have undoubtedly asked yourself, “How can I do that? ☹️” Content may always be modified to fit your own unique style, whether you’re sharing a later-gram or copying a humorous post from one of your friends’ accounts.

Change Instagram story background to your liking; it’s a really simple trick that’s among the best. To help you give each photo a unique touch, we’ll explain here how to change background color on Instagram story.

How to change backgrounds on Instagram Stories

There are tools in the Instagram app that allow you to change Instagram story background. This is a guide explaining how to change the background of an Instagram Story:

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone, then press on your profile image to begin a new story. Alternatively, swipe right from your feed to reach the camera.
  • Use Instagram’s camera feature to take a picture or record a video, or swipe up to pick one that already exists in your camera roll. Next, by tapping on the sticker icon or the square smiling face icon at the top of the screen, you may access the background selections.
  • Among the stickers or effects that are available, look for the Background choice. Tap it to explore Instagram’s selection of background styles and effects. Solid hues, gradients, patterns, and other creative designs fall under this category.
  • Tapping on the background style of your choice will select it. You can tap the screen to change the orientation or opacity of specific backgrounds.
  • Using your fingertips, pinch in or out on the screen to change the background’s size or position as necessary. Before sharing your story, make sure it matches your photo or video properly.

How to change background color on Instagram story: When sharing a feed post

Are you browsing through your feed and coming across something that you simply must post on your Story? Tap the Paper Airplane icon and select “Share to your Story” to share a feed post to your Instagram Story.

A color is automatically selected from the image’s palette to serve as the Instagram background. Usually chosen from their default palette, the background is either a gradient or a solid hue. However, it’s not always the most excellent choice. If you want to share feed posts on Instagram Stories and the default color scheme isn’t appealing to you, here’s how you can change it:

  • Choose the Scribble symbol from the top menu after the post or story that you wish to share is opened in the Story editor.
  • Select any marking tool from the list. For solid backgrounds, use the first choice; for a more transparent approach, use the third.
  • Next, decide on the background color you want to use. You can utilize the Dropper tool to extract a specific color straight from the post or story you’re sharing, or you can choose from the preloaded color options.
  • To apply your chosen background color, long-press (hold your finger down for a few seconds) the screen after selecting your preferred color.
  • And voilà! You are free to experiment with the many shade ranges of solid backgrounds until you find the one that best suits your style.

Conclusion of Change Instagram Story Background

A new background may quickly turn an ordinary Story into an eye-catching masterpiece, whether you’re changing the color of the background in a video or changing the background color on your Instagram story.

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