How to Download Instagram Videos Easily and Quickly? 4 Easy Methods to Make Your Life Easier

21 June 2024 0 comments

Instagram is a developing platform that has a lot to offer its users. All of us have seen something fascinating on Instagram that we might find beneficial at a later time; to do this, you must save the post.

Video saving is crucial since it can serve as a business or motivating resource. Nevertheless, being able to download Instagram videos can be a helpful ability. All you have to do is scroll down to discover the numerous useful methods we have discovered to save Instagram videos since we understand how to download Instagram videos!

1. Using the Download option on Video

Download igtv video

Downloading Instagram videos to your mobile is simple.

  • Open Instagram app
  • Select the video you wish to store on the phone by clicking on it from the Instagram feed.
  • Press the “Download” option from the pop-up menu by clicking the share icon at the bottom right of the video. The video will download on your mobile.

#Note: You’ll not get that download option on all videos. So try the other methods to download your video.

2. Using a Website

Using websites that let you download Instagram videos without installing extra apps is the simplest method. Platforms like Actinker and Insload stand out as well-liked choices for quickly saving Instagram videos because of the number of options. You can easily download Instagram videos with these user-friendly tools and enjoy your favorite content offline whenever you want.


download Instagram reels

The most significant website for quickly downloading reels, photos, videos, and IGTV stuff from Instagram to your phone’s gallery is Insload. Insload makes it easier to save Instagram posts, reels, and videos to your phone with its simple layout and design.

Follow the below steps to download using Insload:

  • Find the video that you wish to download.
  • After that, select “Copy link” after clicking the post’s send icon.
  • Launch your browser and open the now.
  • Copy the link, paste it, then click the download option.

3. Using an App

  • Insaver: Video Downloader – Story Saver

download ig videos

One of the most downloaded apps on Instagram ever is Insaver. It’s made to make it simple to download an Instagram reel or video on your mobile.

  • Install the Insaver: Video Downloader – Story Saver application.
  • Navigate to the video you wish to download on Instagram.
  • Click “Copy Link” after selecting the triangle “Send” symbol.
  • Go out of Instagram and return to your Insaver App.
  • It will automatically detect your Instagram video link and Download your video.
  • If not then Click “Down Arrow” down-middle of the app.
  • Paste the link and Click on the Download
  • The video without a watermark will be saved in your gallery.

4. Using Screen Recording

Instagram video download

A screen recorder is a video that captures everything that happens on your screen, including playing videos. Whether you’re using an iOS or Android operating system, making a screen recording is a relatively easy process.

  • For IOS

You have to adjust a few settings before you can download a video from Instagram to your iPhone. To add Screen Recording to Included Controls, navigate to Settings, scroll to the Control Center, and click on it. So, when you find a video you like on Instagram, open the control screen and tap on screen recording.

  • For Android

The process is a little bit easier if you are using an Android phone. Simply scroll down on your screen and tap the Screen Recording button when you locate a video you like. The recording will then show up in your gallery.

Conclusion of Download Instagram Videos

Conclusion of Download Instagram Videos

It’s easy to download Instagram photos and videos. To successfully download everything you want, follow the procedures and methods you learned in the article. I hope that you find the article on how to download Instagram videos valuable and enjoyable.

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