Understanding the Impact of Buying Instagram Photo Likes on Your Account’s Credibility

17 July 2023 0 comments

Many businesses that lack significant online traction tend to take the easy route; they buy Instagram photo likes. Now, it is true that doing so can effectually cut the time and effort that goes into building an organic following from scratch. Nonetheless, some people start relying on such practice a bit too much. They simply want to skip the hard work and go straight to the top. This is a dangerous tendency and can do more harm than good. Using such cheap tactics to become an overnight sensation can backfire, damaging the credibility of your brand. Here, we intend to discuss how.

Why is buying fake likes a bad idea?

buying fake like a bad idea

Although buying fake Instagram likes can give your posts an instant boost in like count, they don’t mean anything. These likes are not genuine. Hence, they barely contribute to your brand’s reputation and bring almost no long-term advantages to the table.

Most of these likes come from either robots or spam accounts. So, besides some occasional automated comments, they cannot engage with your posts. When you have authentic followers, they will at least see your posts, even if they don’t like or share them. With fake followers, however, that is not the case. They never see anything, and consequentially, all your posts go to waste.

Also, when you purchase fake likes, your engagement statistics may go beyond the usual range. This can make your page look like a fraud. And if somehow Instagram detects that something is not right with your account, they will start an investigation. If they find that you have bought your followers, they may purge these fake followers. The money, no matter how little, you paid for your followers would be in vain, as your followers will vanish soon.

Plus, when you purchase fake likes and followers, you end up breaching Instagram’s terms of service. While they may give a warning to you for such devious practice the first time, the second time could be different, and you might face a suspension.

But a genuine Instagram photo likes provider like Ourfollower never utilizes spam accounts. All of its likes are from real people. Hence, it does not go against Instagram’s guidelines and elevates your Instagram account to astonishing heights.

How can buying Instagram likes to impact your credibility?

When you opt for purchasing fake likes on Instagram, people start doubting your authenticity. Authentic brands always build an organic following which takes time. By trying to skip that and take shortcuts, you risk damaging your credibility. If your engagement goes beyond a certain threshold, people will start seeing through your dishonesty.

After discovering your trickery, the reliability and reputation of your brand will instantly fall in their eyes. They will start questioning your integrity. If you can deceive the Instagram algorithm to achieve quick success, what is the guarantee that you won’t deceive them too? Nobody wants to purchase products from a brand in which they have no faith. So, it can affect your sales and decrease your earnings as well.


Now that you know about these negative effects of buying fake Instagram likes, we hope you will stay away from such harmful practices. Instead, only purchase quality Instagram photo likes from reliable, safe providers like Ourfollower. Combine that with effective organic follower-building strategies to manifest better engagement and long-term success.

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