The Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Followers: Exploring the Potential Benefits and Risks

02 July 2023 0 comments

Living in the digital age, it has become easier for individuals and businesses to reach their target audience, thanks to social media. Using various social media platforms, one can market their brand and products to a huge number of potential customers. Speaking of social media sites, Facebook is one such platform that is home to nearly 2.98 billion active users around the world. So, if you play your cards right, Facebook can help you boost your brand reputation, engagement, and earnings. Now, as tough competition exists among various brands, your page must be visible to more users if you desire more sales and revenue. And one way to increase visibility is to have more Facebook followers who regularly interact with your posts.

When your page gets more engagement, Facebook will show it to more people. FYI, although it is possible to get more organic followers over time, the process is time-consuming and demands resilience. That is why, some people prefer to buy Facebook followers instead. While it is a quick and sure-shot way of gaining more followers, is it worth it? Let us explore the benefits and risks associated with buying Facebook followers.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying Facebook followers

Advantages and disadvantages of buying Facebook follower

Buying Facebook followers for increasing has its fair share of both pros and cons. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of doing so:

  • Advantages

pros of buying Facebook followers

First, we will check out some of the advantages:

1. Increased reputation and credibility

If you have a lot of followers on your Facebook page, your popularity and reliability improve. People start seeing your brand as trustworthy and credible. That is why purchasing Facebook followers can give you that much-needed follower count boost.

When your potential customers see that your page has a huge follower count, it acts as your social proof. Thus, they are more likely to follow your page and consider buying your products, bringing you an organic following later on.

2. Boost in reach and visibility

If you have a high follower count, Facebook’s algorithm tends to show your posts in your potential customers’ news feeds. And naturally, when more people start seeing your brand name and products, the vista for more sales opens up.

Also, besides increasing your sales and profits, it increases the chance of organic increase growth of your follower count. Hence, buying Facebook followers is a smart idea.

3. More advertisement opportunities

Brands are always searching for good social media partners to advertise their products. And we all know that if a page is not popular, they are not even going to consider it. When you buy Facebook followers, you gain a huge following. Therefore, brands are more likely to approach you for sponsored posts, advertisements, etc.

Needless to say, if you manage to attract enough advertisers, it is a guarantee that you would start earning a lot of extra money from such ads alone.

  • Disadvantages

Disadvantages of Buying Facebook Followers

Now that you know about the advantages, let us learn what its disadvantages are:

1. High chance of facing a ban

In case you were unaware, Facebook is really strict in how it deals with accounts with fake followers. When you buy Facebook followers, you violate Facebook’s guidelines against spam and fraud. Thus, if Facebook detects that you have bought followers by paying money, it may suspend or delete your account. You may even face a ban from using Facebook services.

The platform is becoming increasingly adept at identifying fake accounts and punishing them. So, you might become its next target.

2. Hindrance in reaching the target audience

Purchasing Facebook followers prevents you from reaching your target audience. While advertising, your priority should be ensuring that your ads reach the right audience.

You have to record the overall profile of the audience you are trying to reach so that Facebook’s algorithm knows whom to target.

However, when you have fake followers, you can’t use that data. It is because your followers are mostly robots or spam accounts. And it is a no-brainer that robots or spam accounts are unable to provide engagement.

3. Possibility of ruining your integrity

While you may succeed in deceiving the system and avoiding a ban, having fake followers on your page may cause damage to your brand reputation and break your customers’ trust.

Let’s face it; if your page has a million followers yet your posts only get 50 reactions at most, your potential customers are bound to sense that there is something fishy. And if by any chance, they come to know that you have bought your followers, they feel instant repulsion to purchase your products.

Nobody wants to do business with a brand that cheats its way to the top. If one can trick the system for an easy route to success, what is the guarantee that they will not trick their customers too? This can make you unreliable in the eyes of the customer and destroy your integrity.

Conclusion of  Pros & Cons of Buying Facebook Followers

Conclusion of  Pros & Cons of Buying Facebook Follower

As you can see, buying Facebook followers comes with both pros and cons. When we look at it, purchasing fake followers can give you a head start in terms of credibility, reach, visibility, and more. Nonetheless, having fake followers can also bring unwanted results, such as account bans, reduced engagement, integrity damage, etc.

So even if you decide to buy Facebook followers despite the risks, it is best not to rely solely on it. Instead, focus on building an organic following at a steady pace and do whatever is necessary to achieve that. Only then you will have lasting success and elevate your brand to the next level.

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