Finding the Right Method for Buying Facebook Likes: Quality vs. Quantity (Aug 2023)

12 August 2023 0 comments

In this article, we are gonna find out the best right possible methods for Buying Facebook Likes.

As a brand, when your Facebook page possesses a lot of likes, people see it as being more credible. Having lots of likes on all your posts acts as a social credit booster. However, in pursuit of likes, many people end up buying fake likes from unreliable websites. In case you were unaware, fake likes like that come from bots or spam accounts. While these likes are great in number, they are of no significant value.

In contrast, real likes are likes that come from real, active Facebook accounts and thus increase engagement. Let’s face it; having a hundred real likes on your page is way superior to a thousand fake ones. In this article, we will explain why you should always prioritize quality over quantity when you buy Facebook likes.

Why you should never compromise on quality for quantity while buying Facebook likes?

While searching for Facebook likes services, you may come across salacious ads that promise to deliver a surprising number of likes for an even more surprising amount of money. These offers are so enticing that you may find it difficult to resist making a purchase. But beware! Almost all of these advertisements are magnets to pull unsuspecting buyers and scam them. So, it is best to avoid any website that does not look legit and move on to the next one.

Let us think about another scenario; the seller takes your money and delivers the likes to you as promised. Nevertheless, the likes are fake and give your posts a quick surge to your posts. Such low-quality, fake likes are harmful to the well-being of your page. Why? Firstly, these likes are nothing more than bots/spam accounts. Therefore, it is impossible for them to bring engagement to your page or posts.

Besides, for your info, Facebook is pretty strict when it comes to dealing with spam and fraud. Whenever Facebook identifies spam accounts, they get rid of them permanently. In addition to it, if they find that you have bought fake likes, they may reprove you. Although they might warn you the first time, they may not be so benevolent the second time.

When the likes suddenly disappear from your posts, your audience is bound to smell something fishy. Once they feel that you are unreliable, it destroys your brand reputation. And the consequence of reputation damage is that people do not want to do business with you anymore.

That is why you should only buy likes from reputed sellers that make quality a top priority.

The proper way of purchasing Facebook likes

way of purchasing Facebook like

Buying quality likes for your Facebook page is no hard task. But you have to be careful and keep these things in mind:

  • Find websites that sell Facebook likes coming from real, active accounts. We have a suggestion: Ourfollower
  • Compare them in terms of pricing, services, etc., to determine your ideal choice.
  • Pick your preferred package.
  • Make the payment utilizing your desired payment method (Credit Card, Paypal).
  • Lay back and wait for the provider to deliver your likes.


To conclude, when it comes to buying Facebook likes, what matters the most is not the quantity but the quality of the likes. Purchasing a myriad of likes will be in vain if they are fake. Instead of elevating your brand, it butchers your reputation.

Fortunately, we at Ourfollower utilize a promotion-based model and bring you 100% authentic, blazing-fast Facebook likes at cheap rates to enhance your social media presence. We also provide a full money-back guarantee provided that you do not get your likes within time.

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