Necessary & Important Characteristics

Please note, to arrange so that all your ordered services will be delivered, please make sure:

Youtube Services :-

1) Your videos are public (not private)

2) Your videos have ratings enabled (important for likes delivery)

3) Your  videos  have  statistics  available  for public

4) Your  videos  belong  to  a  channel  that  has  a new format with "/users/"  in  the  URL but not the old one with "/channel/".


Facebook Services :- 

1) Your fanpage are public in all country (not for specific country)

2) Your Facebook Photo / Post are also public in all country (Important for facebook photo/status likes)


Instagram Services :-

1) Your profile are public (important for instagram followers)

2) Your instagram photos are public (important for instagram photo likes)


Twitter Follower & Retweet :-

1) Your twitter account are public.

2) Your Tweets are not protected. (important for twitter retweet)

3) Your follow are also not protected. (important for twitter followers)


Thank you for attention.

We want you to enjoy our services.

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