Tips to gain popularity on Instagram and increase your followers (22 Proven Steps)

30 October 2022 0 comments

22 Steps Tips to gain popularity on Instagram and increase Instagram Likes

  1. Have an interesting avatar. Think: this is the first thing you see in your chain! Try to be original, find a photo that makes a difference and makes you want to subscribe to you. Do not bother to bait the customer with an avatar that sends a dream if the rest of the chain does not follow, people will notice at first glance on your content and will not subscribe.
  2. Look after your biography! And yes, this little description under your profile picture can make you want to follow you, if it is well written. It must reflect who you are, and what you will find on your chain. It should be funny if you post content fun, or touching if you are more of a poet … Go see other bios on other accounts, you will see which ones you like, and then nothing prevents you from Inspiring you.
  3. You can improve the layout of your biography so that the form is as cool as they do. This is difficult to do on iPhone, but if you go on you can do it from your PC, so you can easily skip lines.
  4. Post pretty pictures. Yes, it may sound very silly as advice, but I assure you, if you post blurry or dark photos, you have little chance to reap many likes. On the other hand, a nice photo of the sky, for example, it immediately gives more desire to liker. And if you post ONLY pretty pictures, people who land on your profile will be dazzled by your channel at first glance, and will inevitably want to subscribe. Avoid posting only selfies, it does not interest anyone other than you! The key to winning subscribers is commitment!
  5. Overuse of filters and photo editing! We all love this little vintage side on the photos, so why deprive yourself? You have to make your pictures as pretty as possible, and for that, a lot of apps are at your disposal! To edit your photos and give them the atmosphere you want, I recommend Snapseed and Pixlr-o-Matic! You can overlay multiple filters until the desired effect is achieved.
  6. Follow the channels you love. Nothing more dissuasive than going to visit someone’s Instagram chain and see that he has 3000 subscribers but does not follow anyone. What is Instagram’s interest, if it’s just to post photos and not see those of others? There are so many great channels, why go by? Me, when I see that an account only follows 10 accounts, I do not subscribe. It’s frustrating to know in advance that the other person will not follow you back!
  7. Do not be a private profile. I NEVER subscribe to private profiles. I need to see the pictures to want to subscribe.
  8. Wait until you have posted several photos (at least ten) before the race followers. Who would subscribe to someone who only has 3 photos? One cannot get an idea on so few visuals.
  9. Make yourself known to the right people. If you post pictures of nail art, for example, find a known nail art account, and will like the photos of people who like this account, you follow me? It is a safe bet that someone who likes the photos of this super chain of nail art will also love yours since you post the same kind of photos, right?
  10. Tagged brands you wear. Instagram allows you to ‘tag’ the marks on your photos, in addition to being able to mention them in your caption. Do both! With a bit of luck, the Community Manager of the brand you wear will see your photo and rest it! And yes, if the picture is pretty and the content relevant (if you show a new product for example), it is a boon for the brand, an opportunity to show that its customers love its products. Many brands rely on the content of their followers, so why not you?
  11. Organize contests with gifts for the key. Ask about the law in your country concerning the organization of competitions with lot to do things in the rules! A nice gift can bring many subscribers! You can ask your followers to reschedule the photo, or tag a friend for comment.
  12. Do not forget to put the hashtag #concours. Attention, you will attract competitors who may unsubscribe once the contest finishes! You have been warned;)
  13. Participate in meetups Instagram. Maybe there are meetings between Instagrammers planned in your city? If so, go ahead! If not, you can always organize! When one spends time on Instagram, one attaches to many Instagrammers that one has the pleasure to follow. It’s also very cool to meet them in real life. And if you plan a small event between you, everyone will tagger everybody, and everyone will thus win subscribers! It’s a win-win!
  14. Do not post multiple pictures in a row. It’s just boring, in the main feed, to see 15 photos in a row of the same person. Stick to four per day, max, spaced at least an hour.
  15. But still post regularly: if you stop posting for a long time, we will end up believing that you will never go through Insta, and we will unsubscribe. And if you make an effort to post 4 times a day quality content, you will see your number of subscribers soar! And yes, because you will always be present in the feed “subscriptions” of the tab “activity” (basically, what your friends liked). And the more you are present, the more visibility you have with people who do not yet follow you.
  16. Do not be stingy like. Love without limit, it costs nothing and it pleases others! Warning, do not like anything just to have liked in return, we are not on a sky blog. Speaking of this, I saw people begging for likes (“follow me and I’ll follow you”, “10 likes versus 5 likes”). I think this technique is more deterrent than anything else …
  17. Likes and reviewing images on the same topic as yours. To take the example of nail art: if you post your manicures, go visit the hashtags #nailart #NPA #nailpolish etc. Likes and comments on the photos posted with this hashtag, because they were posted by people who have the same passion as you! It is therefore certain that they will love your photos! And do not forget to subscribe to the cool accounts you discover!
  18. Discuss the big accounts. You are probably subscribed to big accounts, who post beautiful pictures. Do not hesitate to comment. You probably think that it is useless because the person who posted them will not see your comment. Maybe. But other users, if you said something relevant, you will notice!
  19. Only Post your own photos. I do not like chains that post photos on the internet. Afterward, it’s just my opinion, there are plenty of people that it does not bother! And of course, do not take photos of other Instagram users!
  20. Post pictures were taken with your iPhone … but with your device! I find that when you post photos taken with great devices, the interest of Instagram takes a hit. It loses some of its charms. That being said, accounts that post camera photos are often much more popular, the photos are so much prettier … then you choose your camp! Or, vary the pleasures! A little to the iPhone, a little to the device!
  21. Use hashtags. Test some hashtags to see which ones are popular in the category you are targeting. For example, if you post a nail art, the hashtags at your disposal are #nailart #nails #nailpolish. I use a lot of keyword searches to discover new channels, and hashtags allow to appear in these results. You give yourself a chance to others to discover yourself. (Discover below the list of the most popular hashtags)
  22. do not use TOO hashtags. Come on, five max, otherwise, it’s too much like you want to likes. Even if it’s what we all want, let’s not be so transparent 🙂 – post your pictures to the propitious hours. But what is the best time of the day to post your Insta photos? Well, for example, I advise you to post your photos of food at the time of dinner, when everyone is hungry! So around 8 pm! As for the other photos, wait for the break or after dinner;) Personally, I find that I always have more likes when I post a photo at 8:30 pm, to believe that everyone checks his feed Instagram in Preparing the dinner! Or else, Sunday morning around 10:30 am! Instagram now offers very interesting statistics (you have to be a prof profile). This allows you to discover the most active days of the week for your followers, as well as the times when they are most present on the network. Use it! You will also learn how old they are, and where they live … so much useful info to refine your posts. For example, if your subscribers speak mostly English, why continue to post in French? Or even in French hours? As I’m nice, here is a list of hashtags walking thunder on Instagram! Try, you’ll see, it’s instant! #love #instagood #cute #picoftheday #girl #beautiful #cat #clouds #sky #food #nature #sunset #igers (refers to the community of Instagramers, so it can be affixed to any photo …) #iphoneonly (If your photos are taken exclusively at the iPhone) #nofilter #hair #lol (only if it’s funny huh) #pink #green (or any Another dominant color on your picture).

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