How to View Instagram Highlights Anonymously? A Step-by-Step Guide (Feb 2024)

20 February 2024 0 comments

Are you looking to view Instagram highlights anonymously? Then you are at the right place. Instagram is the best place to find content, have discussions, learn, and get promoted. It has swiftly become a part of our everyday life. Highlights and stories that give the platform a little something extra special are some of its essential characteristics.

Generally, the person whose highlights you’ve viewed gets notified when you view Instagram highlights from your account within a specific time frame. What if you intend to view Instagram highlights without them knowing? This article is intended to help you with just that.

What Are Instagram Highlights?

view instagram highlights anonymously

Instagram has gained popularity as a social networking tool in the last year, giving its users a great way to express themselves. Instagram stories and highlights ranked first among the app’s other features. Nonetheless, the short 24-hour lifespan of stories led to the launch of Instagram Highlights in 2017. Thanks to this fantastic solution, people may save their most cherished stories on their profile for as long as they want without having to worry about them expiring.

Can Someone See When You View Their Highlights on Instagram?

view instagram highlights without them knowing

The idea behind Instagram highlights performance is similar to that of Instagram stories in that the individual will be notified if they have seen them within 24 hours of the relevant story being public. The duration of their public availability, however, is the primary distinction between highlights and Instagram stories.

There are a few workarounds that can enable you to view Instagram highlights anonymously, even if there isn’t an official method that can do so within the next 24 hours. One such workaround is to use the Glassagram private profile viewer.

How to View Instagram Highlights Anonymously?

can someone see when you view their highlights on instagram

Glassagram: Best Anonymous IG Highlights Viewer App

Best Anonymous IG Highlights Viewer App

Users may view Instagram highlights without them knowing at any time with Glassagram. One of the advantages of utilizing this Instagram spying tool is that it doesn’t necessitate installing any extra apps, making a second Instagram account, installing any software, following the intended individual, or signing in. You may visit any public or private account with this Instagram highlight cover view without having to worry about disclosing your identity.

Not only does the method provide instant access to users’ highlights, but it also gets around Instagram’s 24-hour story limit. If the user chooses not to add the story to their highlights, it automatically keeps their stories for up to three months in your user area, guaranteeing that no important information is lost. You can also search for Can you see when someone views your highlights on Instagram?

View Private Instagram Highlights while Staying Anonymous by Using a Pseudo Account

instagram highlight cover view

When you want to view Instagram highlights anonymously, this is by far the simplest method to become an Instagram spy and hide your tracks. Similar to how spies use covers to hide their true identities, it entails creating a separate Instagram account that you may use to view someone else’s photos.

In this manner, the poster will see you as simply another anonymous Instagram story reader. Additionally, you can interact with other app features using this approach without disclosing your primary identity.

However, it would be wise to utilize a VPN or switch to mobile data to hide your IP address when creating your fake account in order to avoid Instagram’s officials reporting it. Visit Our Follower is a social media marketing service provider that was established to support the growth of your company through the use of our practical and straightforward services.



It might not be the best idea for you to check Instagram highlights from your main account if you want to remain anonymous because it could alert the target person to it. While you can ask a friend for assistance, doing so on a frequent basis can become awkward. Therefore, using Glassagram is the ideal option if you want to view Instagram highlights without them knowing.

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